A Day Out with Grandma

This weekend has been quite possibly the most laid back and relaxed one we’ve had in quite some time. Tank had to travel quite a bit the past weeks and with school starting, it just seems like we’ve not bean able to catch a breather. Today was about R&R and family.

We picked up my Grandmother and Aunt after church and took them to visit Asheville, NC, which is just a few miles from where I grew up, for Korean food and beer. What’s that you say? My Grandmother loves Korean food, having been introduced to it by us. This was my Aunt’s first time, and by the looks of things, it won’t be her last.

I know, I know, “Lisa, your husband IS Korean. Why is this the first time she’s had Korean food?” I can’t answer these questions, but I can say she was nibbling off everyone’s plates and killing the banchan (sides dishes of kimchi, radish, etc.) with rapid-fire movements of her chopsticks.

Afterwards, we headed to Highland Brewery to sample this years Clawhammer Oktoberfest. As always, this Mazen-style lager (toasty, rich, full-bodied) lived up to it’s name. They even had a 20th Anniversary American Saison which was, in a word, sublime. We enjoyed the much cooler weather sitting outside, watching puppies frolic while they trained their humans.

Finally, we meandered home down the old Tryon/Asheville Highway, taking curves much more carefully as my Grandmother, The Kid and Tank were all enjoying a siesta in the backseat of my old trusty sedan. It was amazing to see the changes of once popular tourist areas, still somewhat popular, but looking much more tired and disheveled than normal. After all, this area was the place to film movies at one time: Firestarter, Last of the Mohicans, and, everyone’s favorite, Dirty Dancing.

We told stories of floods past, reminisced over buildings washed away, chair-lifts long forgotten. As we passed the man-made Lake Lure, we discussed it’s nickname and the many reasons we wouldn’t swim in it. Finally, as we headed down Old No. 9 in Polk County to begin the final trek to their home, we discussed real estate development, secret, but not-so-secret, billionaire investments in the area, and changes desperately needed for the people who’ve lived a lifetime in these communities and their stubbornness/pride.

As I headed home, I knew it was a good day. Like Ice Cube “It was a good day” kind of day. I wasn’t stressed. Just happy I’d had the day with my family, even if I did find out my Grandmother loves Celebrity Life Swap and has been watching it for quite some time.

Never Forget

New York City Manhattan downtown skyline at night from Liberty Park with light beams in memory of September 11 viewed from New Jersey waterfront.

New York City Manhattan downtown skyline at night from Liberty Park with light beams in memory of September 11 viewed from New Jersey waterfront.

Wordless Wednesday: Visuals from my world

Railing. Mt. Holly, NC

Protecting my clothes with Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard

Garment Saver's Makeup Guard

Southern Women are known to be just a little high maintenance. When we go out of the house, our hair and makeup is done, and we’re dressed in proper attire. Even our faces are always done to the nines. That natural look you gush over is created in multiple steps with a bevy of product. So, when my friends over at Garment Saver reached out to me and asked if they could send me a sample of their Makeup Guard to test, I jumped.

Not only am I a Southern Woman, I’m also a woman of a certain age and my body likes to overheat when I least expect it. As such, I don’t like dressing before I do my hair and makeup. That’s where Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard came in handy. With Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard changing into my little black dress or white silk blouse didn’t cause me to end up sweatier than normal. These sheer covers are made from a pliable knitted fiber blend similar to gauze that is designed to gently stretch over hair styles and makeup in order to create a barrier against unwanted contact. Its unique build easily stretches to cover elegant up-dos without clinging to the face or hair, and can be used as a disposable item or re-used as desired.

Garment Saver's Makeup Guard

We vacationed in Charleston, South Carolina, this summer. Known for it’s notorious humidity, Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard was key to saving my makeup and hair. I was able to ready myself with enough product to hold my hair down and in place, keeping it from ballooning to the size of the Goodyear Blimp, and simply pulled a Garment Saver over my head and face when it was time to dress for our evenings out.

I found I could reuse the Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard even in the sultry summer heat and humidity. Garment Saver also makes a Clean Cape I’m going to invest in, as I use power makeup and it will help keep my undergarments and robe clean when I’m applying my mineral foundation.

The only cons I found were my earrings. While Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard is a fantastic tool, it doesn’t like my longer, dangly earrings. It also doesn’t work well with lip gloss or dark, heavy lipstick. Line and color your lips in with your lipliner pencil, then apply gloss or dark lipstick after you’ve taken the Makeup Guard off.

About Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard:

Garment Saver’s Makeup Guard just might be the last minute lifesaver you need when preparing for everything from summer weddings to weekend window-shopping. Available in either a convenient travel size three pack for $9.50 or fifty piece box for $24.99, there’s nothing like packing a little peace of mind when heading out on summer adventures.

After several years as a clothing designer on 7th Avenue, founder of Garment Saver Sheryll Fraze moved to California to pursue a career in design and retail management.  Garment Saver has come to encompass a number of Fraze’s innovative brands, and offers an evolving collection of stylish products and care tips that help customers organize and save their fashion sensibilities and ensembles from everyday disasters.

Transforming Ideas Into Meaning

I’ve been thinking a lot about transforming ideas into meaning. We all generate ideas. Some more than others. We collect those ideas. At times, ideas are static, flat. And then there are times they are dynamic and alive.

I love this method of transformation.  Sitting around, processing the information and sending it from my brain straight into my heart and gut.

As a writer and a general “creative” person, I struggle daily with my analytical and emotional side. I dig data — but I also love creating things that cause data to populate. Gretchen Rubin wrote in “The Happiness Project” that she needs gold stars on a board to signal and quantify her accomplishments. I’m the same way. Good, quantifiable data is my gold star.

Why am I not in a research field? That’s a good question. I honestly had no idea I’d ever want to be a researcher. Looking back, there was also not a lot of family encouragement to look at fields other than the traditional MRS everyone wanted.

My fear of failure also holds me back to seeing many of these ideas come to fruition and I’m working so very hard to acknowledge that feeling and move right on past it. Fear of failure causes perfectionism, which causes procrastination. The sum of all of these put together consumes you and you freeze, not being able to move past and do what you’re supposed to do.

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned I was making intentional mistakes? Same thing applies here. As much as I like to see that quantifiable data, the gold stars, I have to make some mistakes during the process to remind me I’m human.

Robert McKee said “Stories are the currency of human relationships.” That’s what I’m doing here, sharing my story, hoping it’s meaningful, and in return, I hope you find some sort of kinship reading what I’m writing. Maybe leave a comment — that’s the gold star of the blogging world.

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