Girlfriend’s, Career Satisfaction, and Life

My friend Amanda sent an article to me earlier today which really hit home. Nearly 14 years ago, I quit work to stay at home and take care of my son. I gave up every hobby, passion, thought, etc., in order to be the world’s most amazing Mom. While I don’t begrudge that for one […]

PostSecret The Show — Giveaway {Local Love}

Post Secret Performance Dates

Secrets are the currency of intimacy. Sharing your most intimate thoughts and secrets with the world is a scary. PostSecret founder, Frank Warren, created his site as a safe haven for people to send in their secrets anonymously on the back of a postcard. Sometimes they are published online, other times they’ve been published in […]

What’s Your Secret?

Everyone has a secret. I have mine. You have yours. We all have them. They’re like lovers — kept close and intimate, only revealed when it’s serious, if ever at all. Last night, I had dinner with Frank Warren from PostSecret. You know, the art project/website where you mail an anonymous postcard with your secret […]

On Porch Swings and Personal Reflection

Yesterday, I sat on my Grandmother’s porch swing and enjoyed what I love most about going home to visit — silence. There was nothing but the sounds of nature, the occasional car barreling past, and the creaking, swaying of the porch swing. It gave me a few brief moments of sweet solitude and a chance […]

What I’ve Learned — Week 3

I’ve been offline for most of the week, but that’s not a bad thing as it opens me up to new experiences and ideas. Immersing myself in the world also teaches new lessons, some good, some bad, others downright hilarious. What did I learn this week? Well, it might surprise you. 1. Believe in yourself, […]

What I’ve Learned — Week 2

Things I've Learned - Week 2 {}

What have I learned this week? Oodles. I’ve also dredged up some goodies from the past. All things I’ve learned. All relevant. All here. 1. I’ll never be skinny. Let’s face it, I won’t. I’m built like a short, blonde, bodacious linebacker. My dad probably secretly weeps every time he sees these shoulders knowing I’m […]

On loving fear

We are all afraid of something and compelled to act out of fear, a negative emotion, which forces our body through a myriad of changes. Fear gives us important information which can keep us safe and healthy. It can also cause negative side effects, such as sweating, heart racing, increased blood pressure, upset stomach, adrenaline rush, […]

The Peacemakers — {Sunday Book Review}

Sunday Book Review

“Every person we meet, each relationship we forge matters a great deal. A life, and therefore the whole of the world can be changed by a single encounter, a single smile, a single hand shake.” Harbert Pencroft  Relationships are the building blocks of our life. A song and dance old as time itself. The Nemesis Engines […]

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