My Crowning Glory: Bald Is Not The New Black

In less than 58 hours my husband and I will be singing the paperwork for the first home we’ve ever owned. Y’all, I thought this building process was the tough part. Turns out, packing, purging, and the sleep I’m losing over where to put things in our new house may be what causes me to go bald.

I will not be a pretty bald woman. My scalp has a funky indention at the top from a car accident when I was a little girl (head meet window) and thanks to middle age and PCOS, my hair has been steadily thinning over the years.

This is a travesty (Insert dramatic flair)! I’m a Southern woman. Our hair is called our crowning glory for a reason! Stories have been written about our hair. Legends made of it. Sure, it has led us to be the butt of jokes for many years due to the sheer volume, but that’s beside the point.

Let me explain. Unless you’ve visited the South during the summer, let’s say anytime from the end of March until early October, you won’t have context. To help you gain perspective, go put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Go on, I’ll wait. Cut the heat up in the house until it is a toasty 95 degrees. Now, grab a towel, go to the pot of boiling water with your perfectly coiffed do (and a full face of makeup), lean over said pot in the 95 degrees heat and throw a towel over your head. Stay in that position for at least 1o minutes.

If you don’t want to do this in your house, go to your local sauna dressed for a formal event and step in fully dressed while wearing stockings and heels. That stuff melting down your face if your makeup, hair and any product you’ve put in your hair to keep it in place.

We make our hair big to help combat the heat and humidity. There is a reason Aqua Net is the shellac of The South. Blue haired ladies trail a heady cloud after their weekly fluff and puff at the beauty parlor; that fresh set has to survive a week. Southern women must face the world with their crowning glory done to perfection and football helmet strong.  You’ll soon understand after you survive walking down the sidewalk day after day in conditions that will melt the rubber on the soles of your Havianas.

Big hair is a necessity. If we didn’t give it some lift at the roots (and I’m not talking about 1980’s hair), it would be plastered to our foreheads and that is just low rent. Like getting down and doing the limbo low.

Am I a little nervous? Sure, who wouldn’t be? I’m more worried about the state of my manicure and the day filled with business meetings I have tomorrow. While that sounds vain, I am very much aware of my vanity and keep it in check for the most part. Well, as in check as you can when you’ve been raised with the constant reminder to “suck your stomach in and put some color on.”

But, as Scarlett O’Hara famously said, “with God as my witness, I shall never have flat hair again!!”*

*She never really said that, but she should have

Bill the Cat is my spirit animal

Bill the Cat is my spirit animal.

This is me on stress. Oh so much stress. If you’re wondering what I’m feeling and looking like, imagine “Bill the Cat” from the Bloom County cartoon series and you’ll get a really good idea. Better yet, here’s an image of my spirit animal.

Bill the Cat is my spirit animal.

Pretty good visual, right? Between home building, life, work, and everything else, I am a woman on the edge. The boys are tiptoeing around the house as my perfectionism has reared it’s ugly head and I’m pretty sure the only way I’m handling things fairly well right now is by making a list and checking it off, one by one.

On any given day, I am like the proverbial duck and water rolls off of my back. These feelings are being exacerbated by living amongst the boxes, along with a healthy dose of anticipation, as well as the fear of not having all of my I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

My husband, bless him, just looks at the list and helps tick one thing off after another. He’s a keeper. I’m not sure how he has stayed so cool during this whole process, but I envy his stoicism as I know he’s as edgy as I am.

Meditation has been key during this process. I grab my zafu, turn on a brain wave app, grab ear buds and sit. There are days I sit in silence, but on the super stressful days, I add the app. It combines binaural tones to simulate brain wave frequencies associated with various states of mind. The Kid calls it my “hippy dippy mumbo jumbo.” One day, he will build a house and I will send him his own zafu, a book on meditation, and an iTunes gift card. I’m pretty sure the phrase “he who laughs last, laughs best” will apply.

Let’s not forget I am also working on my book and developing the multi-media site that accompanies it. I am working on populating the content for the site, which keeps me away from here. While I’m not ready to announce the name of the project yet, I will say it is proving to be very satisfying. I feel such mastery over the subject matter at times, and what I don’t know, is researched with ease. Well, it seems easy. I use the tools I know and utilize a lot of index cards and digital backups. It’s the modern non-fiction process.

Believe it or not, I started this on January 13th and would love to jabber on, but don’t want to be an overbearing bore. For now, I shall leave it all here and wish you all a happy weekend. I’m going to have a cup of tea, read Bloom County, and know that Bill the Cat is waiting on me to laugh at his antics.

Valentine’s Day and May Designs: Love Is In the Air

Valentine's Day at May Designs!

I crush on good design and May Designs does a good job of keeping me crushing with every new release. Their Valentine’s Day designs for this year are no different! I wanted to bring in some samples I had designed, as well as those designed by the team at May Designs to share. The fonts and color selections are spectacular, working across a wide-variety of cards, etc., so you never have to worry about your choices not working together.

Because I am cheeky, I would send this card to my husband. He is probably blushing without ever having read this post!

Valentine's Day at May Designs!

Having a Valentine’s Day cocktail party and need a great invitation? Look no further than this pretty little invite.

May Designs Valentine's Day Cocktail Party Invitations May Designs Cocktail Party Invitations!

Finally, this great customizable card (all of May Designs can be customized down to what you want them to say) that boldly proclaims “Love” with “is all you need” in a smaller script underneath. If my paramour were to give me this card, I’d be transported into the movie “Love Actually” and relive the wedding of Juliet and Peter.

Valentine's Day and May Designs!


Disclosure: This post was not compensated, nor did I receive product. I just love May Designs and am currently in the middle of ordering my own Valentine’s Day cards from them.


Stuff: Owning more than you realize

Going to Switzerland is much better than packing, right?

Normally, I’d have a blog post go live at 6am today. However, with preparing for the move (is that all I talk about? Gah! I’m becoming to predictable.) my brain is whirring, but it’s all about punch lists, inspections, packing and purging.

This is truly a learning experience. When you’ve lived in one place for 15 years, no matter how well organized and “neat” it looks, you have NO IDEA how much stuff you own. If you didn’t know by now, I’m a reader and have a lot of books. There are enough books that I could have built a decent sized library on to my house and filled it. That’s fine, IF I could get rid of books, but I can’t. It must be my old soul, or a past life, screaming at me telling me “books are sacred!”

Did you hear that sigh? That’s me, exhaling loudly. I’m not sure if it’s exasperation, or frustration. Both two different feelings, but I’m pretty sure they’ve combined into a lethal combination of “Meh.” Meaning, I should be packing and doing more work to get rid of things that are no longer loved, but I’d rather play air banjo or listen to 80’s New Wave and do the “white man’s overbite” dance.

I know you’re reading and saying “Lisa, you really need a vacation.” And yes, yes I do. What I’d love is to go somewhere tropical, possibly ski in Switzerland, or visit a very large city — say London or Paris — and just walk for hours. If I were to be in either of those cities, I’d also go to every obscure museum you’ve never heard of. Like the Musée de la Serrure a/k/a Musée Bricard in Paris. It is the most gorgeous little museum of locks and keys. It’s closed to the public, but I’m hoping it reopens before my next trip abroad.

So that is that. Or something like that. I’m sitting down to empty my thoughts online, in my diary, and by making lists. In fact, I nearly started waxing poetic about lists just now and stopped myself, as I’ve tortured you enough with my ramblings and don’t want to frighten you away.

Imladris Farm Jams and Preserves {Handmade in NC}

Check out Handmade in North Carolina at

I woke up this morning craving apple butter from Imladris Farms. Smeared on biscuits fresh out of the oven, it was the perfect accompaniment to my morning coffee. Located southeast of Asheville, NC, Imladris Farm is a seventh-generation family owned land site focusing on sustainable agriculture. Their products are nostalgically produced using historically accurate methods to provide customers with the enjoyment of a quality, handmade product, while adding the concepts of “buying local”, “sustainable agriculture”, and “husbandry” to their vocabulary.

Check out Handmade in North Carolina at

Imladris Farm first appeared on my radar many moons ago while dining at the Early Girl Eatery located in Asheville, NC. If you’ve ever eaten one of their biscuits smeared with jam, you know the Berry Best Jam carefully handcrafted from the finest blueberries, blackberries and raspberries Imlardis Farms grows.

On a later visit to the Early Girl, I met Walter outside selling his wares on an early spring day to folks leaving the restaurant or walking down Wall Street. His enthusiasm for farming, the products created by the fruit grown on his land, not to mention the pride in his products, reassured me that there were people out there who truly love what they do.

Since then, I’ve kept a supply of their jams and preserves in my larder for personal use, to give to friends as gifts, and have shipped their products to folks all over the US. Believe me, if you want a great hostess or wedding gift, give Imladris Farm jam in their handcrafted wooden crate with an antique silver jelly spoon, and your handwritten recipe for light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits. I guarantee you’ll get the first thank you note!

The Philosophy of Imladris Farm
Imladris was founded on a belief in quality products achieved through sustainable agriculture. We feel strongly that plants and animals, if supported and nurtured, will yield high quality materials unavailable through conventional, commercial means. We’ve made it our goal to return to early, simpler methods of agriculture and living.