What I’ve Learned — Week 3

I’ve been offline for most of the week, but that’s not a bad thing as it opens me up to new experiences and ideas. Immersing myself in the world also teaches new lessons, some good, some bad, others downright hilarious. What did I learn this week? Well, it might surprise you. 1. Believe in yourself, […]

What I’ve Learned — Week 2

Things I've Learned - Week 2 {adailypinch.com}

What have I learned this week? Oodles. I’ve also dredged up some goodies from the past. All things I’ve learned. All relevant. All here. 1. I’ll never be skinny. Let’s face it, I won’t. I’m built like a short, blonde, bodacious linebacker. My dad probably secretly weeps every time he sees these shoulders knowing I’m […]

On loving fear

We are all afraid of something and compelled to act out of fear, a negative emotion, which forces our body through a myriad of changes. Fear gives us important information which can keep us safe and healthy. It can also cause negative side effects, such as sweating, heart racing, increased blood pressure, upset stomach, adrenaline rush, […]

The Peacemakers — {Sunday Book Review}

Sunday Book Review

“Every person we meet, each relationship we forge matters a great deal. A life, and therefore the whole of the world can be changed by a single encounter, a single smile, a single hand shake.” Harbert Pencroft  Relationships are the building blocks of our life. A song and dance old as time itself. The Nemesis Engines […]

What I’ve Learned — Week 1

5 Things I Learned This Week {adailypinch.com}

Sitting in the car during carpool yesterday, I was thinking about life, my own personal thought process, and what shaped me into the person I am today. I grabbed my notebook and started scribbling what I’ve learned. By the time the kids got to the car, I was two pages in and my brain was […]

The Impostor

I’ve been sitting here working on a few pieces I have sitting in my drafts folder and have had issues finishing them. Major issues. It’s a struggle all creatives deal with and today it’s hitting hard. You see, I didn’t start out to blog. First and foremost, I’m a writer. There are books in me, […]

It’s a Mayberry World

The Courthouse: Mayberry, NC

Over the weekend we decided to take a jaunt up the road to visit Mount Airy, North Carolina, the home of NC’s prodigal son Andy Griffith, and the inspiration for the town of Mayberry on “The Andy Griffith Show.” It was an interesting adventure. Parts of Surry County, leading up to Mt. Airy and “Mayberry,” […]

YesVideo: When Technology is Done Right

YesVideo - Customer Memories

Last month, I toured the YesVideo facility in San Jose, met with the folks who run their operations and got real insight about what they do, why they do and how it’s done. While a great deal of how they run their operations is proprietary information, I’m going to share just how amazing I think […]

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