The 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake

My favorite car in the entire world is the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake. The 800-horsepower sports car was one of just two produced and was used as personal transportation by famed racer and performance-car builder Carroll Shelby. Most recently, the only original dual-supercharged Shelby in existence sold for $5.5 million at auction.

That’s a lot of pennies for a car, but in my personal, car-loving (lusting?) opinion, the ’66 Snake is worth every single penny. The Ford V-S engine, combined with the British AC Ace body, and the brain of Carroll Shelby, caused the Cobra to continue to be one of the most sought after American cars in the world.

While that’s a bit out of my price range, I can’t help gazing up this car, and other Shelby Cobras, with lust and wee bit of envy. I’m not going to geek out on all of the technical details, but I’ll tell you this car is a beast. Clocked at 0-60 in a little over 3 seconds, it holds it’s own against modern engineering and technology.

Bill Cosby owned the other Cobra Super Snake, but gave it back after driving it one time and wound up writing a comedy bit called “200 mph” based on his experience. (Enjoy this recording, but don’t listen to it with a full bladder!)

What is your dream car?