Brain dump in the key of Lisa

There are days I want to ramble in a pure stream of consciousness and clear my head. This inevitably leads me to publishing it here, or one of my other sites where I am anonymous to the blogging world. Today is one of those days where I have a lot to say, but not sure where to fit it.

Let’s call this a brain dump in the key of Lisa.

Writing in a cohesive manner at this point doesn’t even work for me as I have so much on my plate. It’s all good, but let’s see if I can break it down.

1. I’m in the midst of trial testing of a new product I’ve developed with the encouragement and sage advice of my dear friend, Cat Lincoln. She makes me a better person and I’d work my fingers to the bone for her.

2. I’m also working on a small project that gives back to the blogging community in a big way with Jessica Rosenberg.

3. Shall I mention that I’m breaking in new athletic shoes? How can I be a FitFluential ambassador if I’m not writing more about the trials and tribulations with protecting my feet (along with knees, hips, etc.) when exercising. It’s not about being skinny in my old age, it’s about being healthy.

4. While I am it, I’ve not had a pedicure since September. I’m not happy about this and will be rectifying this matter later in the week since the Charlotte area is looking at highs nearing 70.

5. I’m attend a writer’s conference sponsored by the Charlotte Arts Journalism Alliance . While I do a good job of writing about the art, I’ll do a better job after CAJA.

7. Today is one of those days I feel like sending inappropriate texts to my friends. Today is that day.

8. I’m keeping it on the up and up here. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve been warned.

9. I had a great call with Molly Cantrell-Kraig from the Women With Drive Foundation yesterday. Empowering women by investing in their future is a beautiful thing.

10. I’ve still not taken my Christmas tree down. It’s staring at me like a beacon, telling of my sins. Mainly, the sin of not taking the tree down. Or is the annoyance in myself that is bugging me more?

11. Could I possibly have any more laundry? Do the fairies make my hamper their playground?

I’m sure this list will grow as my day goes one. But I’d rather keep it real and today, you get very real. Wait. I’m saving you from the true realness — I still have my filters activated.

Thanks for letting my clear my head!

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  • Hillary Chybinski

    LOVE that – feels good to put it out there – doesn’t it?? btw, feel free to txt me anytime =)