ChicaLogic™ ChicaPC-Fix Review and Giveaway

I’ve got a problem. My favorite laptop, Belle, has been having issues. She’s sluggish, taking a long time to boot up and has been finicky with the updates she wants to install — or not install.

My problem? My closet a/k/a my computers brain was overstuffed and filled to the brim with clutter.

“And that’s where ChicaLogic™ comes in.

ChicaLogic™ is an online resource that provides a comprehensive user experience designed by women for women who want access to technological solutions fast. No more searching the Internet for the proverbial needle in the haystack; no more complicated “techie” talk that requires its own dictionary.”

ChicaLogic Logo

I was sent a copy of ChicaPC-Fix to test on Belle. I’m quite the geek and am pretty handy with repair, but have been slack lately. My poor laptop  is a blue beauty that has keys worn away from constant typing and my hard blogging lifestyle. So, I started my error check and I’m ashamed to share what it dug up.

ChicaPC-Fix from ChicaLogic

Belle's ChicaPC-Fix from ChicaLogic

That’s right. 7,349.

No wonder Belle was running slower than the proverbial turtle. I’m a she-geek hanging her head in shame.

Had I known my girl was this bogged down, I would have already been over at ChicaLogic™ PC Health Check. Best thing? You can run a scan on your PC and clean the first 25 errors for free, no credit cards needed. A win in my book when I’m testing new software. It’s also compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000. So, if you aren’t as up to date as the rest of us, you’re still covered.

I can say that now she is moving much faster and I’m quite a happy gal with what ChicaPC-Fix has done for my girl.
So happy, I’m going to do something I don’t do very often. A giveaway.
ChicaLogic™ has provided me with five (5) copies of ChicaPC-Fix to giveaway.
If you don’t think you need to enter, consider this from ChicaLogic™:

“… a woman’s computer is more than a digitized day planner from which she runs her life, organizes her business, and manages her home. A woman’s computer is her beacon in a global economy. It’s where she negotiates multimillion-dollar deals over morning espresso while she’s still in her PJs; it’s how she stays connected to friends and family, whether they are down the street or Down Under; and it’s what she relies on every day to keep her grounded and inspired, informed and educated, engaged and entertained. So the last thing any woman wants or needs is to spend valuable time deciphering which computer hardware and/or software programs are best suited to her lifestyle.”

That’s what I thought. I tempted you what we are all seeking: an organized and orderly life made easier by technology.

To Enter:

1) Tweet this:  “I entered @daily_pinch’s #giveaway 4 @ChicaLogic- software 4 women by women 2 keep computers running smoothly” and leave a link to your Tweet in the comments.

2) Visit the ChicaLogic Tips & Tricks and share one helpful article in your comments.

3) Share a computer nightmare that ChicaLogic could have helped prevent.

I’ll be taking entries until Sunday, July 10, 2011.


ChicaLogic compensated me for my time in installing and examining ChicaPC-Shield but my opinions are always my own.
  • Denise Williams

    Yeah, geeky and also lazy.  I tweeted to enter:!/williams1977/status/87934062265774080

    My laptop is so slow that I’m thinking about wiping it clean and reloading it with Win7.  I have a copy but haven’t had a chance to do it.  I like the thought of a woman-centric geek place and will try their product to clean this mess up before the backup and the upgrade.

    I was happy to see this tumblr article as I was thinking about starting up my own blog again:


  • Jennifer Bullock

    Love it!! And I CAN believe you had that much on your computer, I need to try Chicalogic too!!! Hope Belle is running much better for you now.

  • Amelia Keith

    WOW! Wish it was Mac compatible! Hopefully they have that in the works  :) 

  • Andrea(LilKidThings)

    Ohh I need this! Thanks for the heads up! Tweeted!/AndreaUpdyke/status/88340952577617920

  • Angela England
  • D.