Gluten Free isn’t just a fad and it can be tasty thanks to Udi’s

Confession time: sometimes I bloat after meals. Just call me helium gut. After talking to a few friends about how I was feeling, and who had the same issues, they shared about their decision to remove gluten from their diets. The big problem with being gluten free is that even though I’m not a big bread eater, I still like to have a piece every now and then.

Have I mentioned how scared I was of the term “gluten free”? Terrified is more like it. To me, gluten free meant tasteless fare that didn’t remotely resemble anything bread related.

Luckily for me, Udi’s Gluten Free was watching. They sent me an email after seeing my issue and offered to send me some of their products and coupons. I shocked myself by saying “sure, here’s my address.” After all, it was *gasp* gluten free.

When the box came, I opened up a variety of goodies. Who knew gluten free had so many options? My box contained bread, bagels, cookies, brownie bites and hamburger buns. Even better, they looked NORMAL.udis millet chia seed bread

My first test was the Udi’s Whole Grain Hamburger Buns. They were no different than the “hippy buns” (my son’s term) I get from the health food store. They just didn’t have gluten. I didn’t notice any issues between taste, nor texture. Which was a huge win.

udi whole grain hamburger buns

The second test came in the form of an unwilling subject with a palate best described as “choosy, finicky and expensive.” What, you don’t make your kids taste test cookies? But test them he did. After one discerning bite, he declared the Udi’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie perfection and asked for another. They were so good, between him and my husband, the entire container of cookies and Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites inexplicably disappeared by the next day. I’ve been told they were “yummy” and “perfect with a tall glass of milk.”

udis chocolate chip cookiesudis dark chocolate brownie bites

So, yes, Udi’s Gluten Free products definitely pass the taste factor, but did they help with my other issues. To be fair, I didn’t test anything gluten free before the Udi’s products got here and while my assessment is not scientific by no means, the differences were like night and day. There was no bloating, no feeling like I wanted to rocket to the moon via my own self-propulsion, nada. It was… heaven.

Will I continue buying Udi’s? Yes, definitely. While I don’t want a morning bagel often, it’s nice to know there are options that will allow me to enjoy a bagel and schmear without feeling miserable after. udis harvest crunch muffins

You can connect with Udi’s here:

Facebook: Udi’s Gluten Free
Twitter: Udi’s Gluten Free

I received different products from Udi’s Gluten Free and coupons for review purposes. All opinions are mine and those of my cookie and brownie aficionados. 

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  • LeticiaTechSavvyMama

    I may have developed a slight addiction to the Udi’s Snickerdoodles when I got a box at BlogHer a couple of years ago. They were completely delicious and I didn’t miss the gluten in them at all!