Happy Father’s Day, Husband.

Dear Husband,

Happy Father’s Day. Peanut is so lucky to have you as a father. I’m so very lucky to have you as a partner in life and parenting. I wish others could experience what we have and the blessings we’ve received.

You teach our son so much. For you, it’s more than teaching him how to kick a soccer ball or toss a football, but you teach him the important parts of life. Just yesterday, you had me turn the car around so we could buy food to feed a man sitting on a bus stop. Then you took the time to explain to Peanut why we were feeding him with your beautiful (and sometimes long-winded) eloquence.

You teach me. My real dad hasn’t really been in my life 38 years, yet I can watch you with our son and see a young man who’s got an amazing dad who’ll be there for him every step he takes. That means more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m more at peace with my family situation because of your parenting.

Sure, there are times you can be a total prat and I’d love nothing more than to stick a boot up your rear. Luckily, I’m over those moods in a few minutes and then get all googly eyed with love again. Bringing me coffee in bed every weekend also helps.

I’m so thankful you’re you — my husband, mate, life-partner, and partner in parenting cockups. I couldn’t have designed a better person to ride this merry-go-round called life.


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  • http://professorpinch.wordpress.com/ Professor Pinch

    Thank you baby. You made me a dad in the first place, and it has been a joy and a privilege that I can’t describe. Words fail me.

  • http://www.adailypinch.com Lisa

    I love you.