Holiday Comfort

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Comfort. Who doesn’t love it? There are things I do that make my family comfortable every day of the year, such as washing their sheets with lavender scented detergent. However, come the holidays, I tend to amp things up a good bit.

What’s a good bit? My father-in-law would come visit my home in North Carolina from his in Maryland when he was more mobile and always chastised me for going out like I did on the holidays. How? Well, when he got here, I had his favorite sweet tea, would make cornbread like his mother used to make and would be in a flurry of home cooked meals and would hand him the tv remote.

Did I mention he never turned anything down and was happier than a pig in a pile of mud?

As I explained it to him, I’m a Southern born and bred woman. Things like that are part of my DNA. We are born this way and we can’t stop. We’re going to feed you, pamper you and then do it some more. How’s that? The last time they came to visit, they left the day before Thanksgiving in order to make it home in time to spend with my sisters-in-law and I cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner for them, before I cooked Thanksgiving for more than 50 the next day.

Amping up the volume comfort wise also happens here at home. My boys are the most appreciative. I bake and the house always smells of something yummy, whether I’m creating my own stove-top potpourri, or using the crock-pot. I’ve been known to heat a towel up in the dryer for my husband and son when they are in the shower and surprise them…and drop the hint that I want a towel heater. Maybe they’ll read this post and finally get the hint.

When it comes to gift giving, not only do I take the persons tastes and preferences to mind, but I’m also one to take comfort. Last year for Christmas, my Grandmother got a shirt made of the softest, warmest fabric I could find and ear muffs. She’s on blood thinners and I always worry about her being cold. It’s those little things, really putting thought into what you are doing, or giving, to create a small bit of comfort in the lives of others.

I think about my friend Crystal when it comes to comfort. When an empty lot near her home was occupied by tents of homeless residents, she rallied the social media troops for blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, etc., to take and help keep them warm. All for their comfort. That selflessness she showed, to me that is what the holiday spirit is about. It’s about stepping outside of your world and making sure those around you in daily life, as well as those who only cross your paths temporarily, feel comforted by your presence.

Comfort is about the little things. Whether it’s heating a towel in a dryer, or making sure people you don’t know are warm during the winter months.

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