Laundry Room Fantasies

Laundry room fantasies are a big part of what I’m thinking about today. Yet, the only thing dirty in this fantasy are my clothes. I’m more focused on the big picture, the “designer” laundry room.

Growing up, I lived in a ranch house where the washer and dryer were built in to the kitchen. Everything was built around the housewife (it was built in the late 50’s/early 60’s) and making things more “convenient” for “womanly” duties.
Fast forward to 2013 and my husband is just as likely to toss in a load of laundry as I am. That being said, I still consider the laundry “my” domain. I like clothes washed a certain way, hangers have to be hung by color (yes, I’m weird like that) and everything organized a certain way.

I find it ironic that Stephen King and Nicolas Sparks both wrote first successful books in the only place they could find quiet — the laundry room. There’s something about the sound of the washing machine and the white noise from the dryer that is conducive to writing.

I wonder if their books would have been more popular had their laundry rooms looked like this:

Seeing as how we’re on the hunt for a new house, I thought I’d find some of my ideal laundry rooms. After all, that could be me working in the laundry room on my first novel.

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  • Andrea

    While I do not fantasize about laundry, this is a great post!

  • Lisa

    Thank you!