My Dream Kitchen has a #SuiteDesign {Sponsored}

I love to cook. In fact, nothing makes me happier than having people I love over to my home and feeding them. (It’s a Southern thing, y’all.) I also love great design and am in the process of house hunting, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in thought on what my needs are in the kitchen. First is practicality, second is clean, modern/contemporary design.

Why is the kitchen so important? It’s the heart of the home. I cook three meals a day in my kitchen (I work from home and try to avoid the routine of sandwiches, freezer meals, or cheese sticks washed down with a cup of coffee.) That’s a lot of time spent in one spot. Why not spend extra time making sure it’s sleek, stylish and ingeniously designed to enable the professional results I’m looking for?

What is in my ideal kitchen? A refrigerator with French Doors (freezer on the bottom), a mack-daddy dishwasher that can handle whatever I put in it, and a great stove top with dual ovens built into the wall. While I know this sounds really over-the-top, it’s not for our lifestyle.

Source: via Electrolux on Pinterest

While I don’t need a huge space, I do want is a space that is functional and looks fantastic with appliances seamlessly blending in. The focus on “Suite Design” has been very popular and is reminiscent of design in the past, minus the avocado and burnt orange. This type of design gives me the results I’m seeking, yet will still make my kitchen a spot where friends will want to hang out and have a glass of wine while I prepare dinner.

What are the things you look for in a new kitchen? Do you prefer a more traditional space or something more sleek and modern? Or would you rather blend old and new elements together to make something uniquely your own? Don’t be shy and send in your comments!

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