My Style Genie: Revolutionizing clothes shopping, one click at a time

Clothes shopping is generally lumped into two categories: an enjoyable experience, or something akin to poking your eyeballs out with hot pokers. My Style Genie aims to revolutionize how you shop for clothes by taking their proprietary recommendation engine to deliver a truly personalized shopping experience.

My Style Genie offers three main services:

  • A Personal shopping assistant
  • A Personal Stylist
  • Social Shopping

I  might be wiping a tear from my eye. While I love to shop, I don’t like not being able to find clothes that are a must for my body type. With My Style Genie, I went in, filled out my personal profile, including body shape, and was ready to start shopping for clothes personally recommended for me. It’s really that easy.

My Style Genie - Creating your Style profile

Once you’ve filled out your style quiz and started checking out your own personal boutique, you can use the quick access buttons to view your outfits, work on your wardrobe, or go shopping. (Bonus points if you’re shopping from bed!)

My Style Genie - personalized shopping and style experience.

Last night, while curled up under a blanket, I was working on outfit ideas for summer. It was made much easier as I was able to filter via season, color, etc., and then found a dress I am convinced I need for summer.

My Style Genie Summer Dress

A big plus is being able to name outfits that I’m putting together and being able to save them for future reference. It takes the excuse “I have nothing to wear” and removes it from my vocabulary.

My Style Genie - View My Outfits

Once this step is done, I can select from my outfits and drop and drag them into either my suitcase or weekly planner to take the guesswork out of dressing. If I’m over an outfit, I can just drop it into the garbage.

My Style Genie Planner

Wardrobe organization is also key for a busy a woman. With My Style Genie, I can organize my entire wardrobe. Now, this is not a quick fix and involves an investment in time from me. Most likely, it’s a weekend project where I can get my things pulled together, uploaded and organized. It allows me to mark items I wear weekly as favorites, what needs to be culled from wardrobe and sent for donation, and I can see what needs to be, or is at, the cleaners.

My Style Genie Organize Your Wardrobe

My Style Genie is still in Beta, meaning they are working the kinks out. Like any new site, especially ones with proprietary software, there are going to be bugs. Those can only be fixed with honest feedback from users, like me and you.

Some of the things that are currently missing will be added, like accessories. As we all know, accessories will either make or break an outfit. For now, they are focusing on the clothes. I like it that way. Those are the meatball under the sundae toppings (accessories). (And a Seth Godin  “Meatball Sundae” reference.)

What are some of things to consider going in as a beta tester?

  • There isn’t a great selection of true plus-size clothes. I’m looking forward to those being added. (While I adore high fashion, the designers don’t adore my figure.)
  • Expansion of the designer list. I was mainly pulling higher end merchandise. I buy higher end staples and then will pick up a few less expensive pieces to stay on trend.
  • It took a little time to figure out how to use the site. That’s part of it being new and the UX (user experience) depending on feedback.
  • I’m chomping at the bits for accessories. They are key to a well-done look.

I have no doubt this service is going to be successful. By connecting the right people with the right products that matches each woman’s personal style, physique, occasional need and existing wardrobe, My Style Genie will deliver mutual benefits to customers and retailers alike.

Do you want to sign up as a beta tester for My Style Genie? If so, head over to the site and use: MSGVIPADailyPinch as your communication key code, and create a profile. Take some time to play with the tools and let me know how you liked it. I want to see what you create and share in your experience. More importantly, invite your friends to try out My Style Genie.

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Disclosure: I was compensated by My Style Genie to check out the beta site. However, they aren’t responsible for the content of this post. Opinions and review are all my own.

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    love love love this. Looks like a time saving, organized way to plan and visualize.