Radiant Orchid: 2014 Color of the Year

I know I’m a little late sharing 2014’s color of the year, but I have to say “Radiant Orchid” is divine. It’s a gorgeous, delicate and all things I currently adore. While I love purple, I’d use radiant orchid as an accent color. Since I’m in the process of redoing certain rooms in my home, this shade, despite it’s popularity, is one I’m keeping at the forefront of my color chart.

To me, radiant orchid is just light enough to brighten up a room, and spirits, but not so “girly” that my husband, or more importantly, 13 year old son, would cringe in horror. And after living with white walls in my living space for the past 15 years, I’m ready for a healthy dose of color and whimsy, while also not clashing with my “haint blue” porch ceiling.

We’re looking for the perfect salmon colored sofa (yes, a pinky red) for our living room. Helen, our beloved sofa of many years, is getting on up in age and it’s going to be time to send her on to the big sofa factory in the sky — or wherever you send your sofa these days.  (Backstory: Our sofa is named Helen, because my husband slept on her so much when he was studying for the CFA.)

And while I don’t have a sofa photo in the color we’re looking for on here, I feel using Radiant Orchid as an accent piece could very well be a great start.

What would be your pick for color of the year?

2014 Radiant Orchid

Plug in chandelier

Glass shade

Framed wall art

Surya throw pillow
  • http://www.RobynsOnlineWorld.com/ Robyn Wright

    Love this color! Usually I do a post on color of the year and I totally missed it this year so I was happy to see it here. Adore that you have a named sofa! Good luck in finding the salmon color for a new one. Did you try La-Z-Boy furniture? They have TONS of fabrics to pick from!

  • http://www.adailypinch.com/ Lisa

    Thanks Robyn! I love this color, it just makes me so happy. We’ve been looking at La-Z-Boy for our sofa, as well as a few other places. It’s just got to meet criteria (mainly clean, modern lines!)