Respecting my elders

I’ve been thinking a lot about my elders lately. It involves those that have been gone for a long time, those that have recently left and those that are still here. I wonder, did I do enough to show them the respect they deserved? Did I give them my best, or was I going through the motions?

Those are some tough, deep questions only I can answer.

How did I get started on such a though process? I guess it’s because I recently had an experience with a younger family member at a funeral who was quite  rude to me. The members of the family that witnessed the behavior were gobsmacked.

Since I’ve learned a few things as I’ve gotten older, I bit my tongue and chose not to say anything. However, that hasn’t stopped the tongues wagging in my family.

Was what the person did rude? Incredibly so. Did I do the right thing? Yes. In my younger years, I would have bitten my tongue temporarily since I was in public. However, that would not have stopped me from being just as rude, if not more so, later on. My temper has been known to run hot and I would have let it.

I’d like to think I’ve grown with age. This time, I’ve just kept my mouth shut. I’ve let the elders in my family say what they want to say about the subject (they’ve brought it up) and I’ve chosen to just… shake my head and go on.

No, that doesn’t stop some of the feelings I have towards the situation. Sometimes, the best things we can say are nothing.

To my elders, if I’ve done anything to disrespect you, or hurt your feelings, I apologize. It was a poor lapse in judgment on my part and I never meant to be rude and disrespectful. You are the elder statesmen of my tribe and I owe you for the guidance, love and laughter you’ve given me over the years.

You will always have my respect.