Sleep, self-hypnosis and tech fails.

Stressing out is part of my very Type-A nature. The older I get, the more I work to not stress and go with the flow. My routine includes meditation, self-prescribed time unplugged and exercise. It’s been a big help. However, there are days it can all go unintentionally wrong, leaving you wide awake at 1:30 a.m. wondering “What fresh hell is this?”

You see, I have a few self-hypnosis apps I use on my iPhone. They are super handy and I’ll be quite honest, I’m rarely awake past the point where you’re relaxing into the hypnotic state. Do they work? Well, I’m currently in a three week cycle of using the stress-free app and my shoulders aren’t as tense and I seem to be more relaxed, but that’s another story for another time.

As you’re prepping the app for use at night, you select how long your induction period will be (short or long), how many times you want the message to repeat, and if you want the app to let you sleep or wake you up. Well, a few nights ago, I couldn’t relax as I was trying to remember if I’d set the app to let me sleep when it was finished, or wake me up. Not wanting to open my eyes and mess up the “induction” phase, I worried over it a few more minutes and then drifted off to the soothing Scottish brogue of Andrew Johnson.

At 1:30 a.m. I woke up to Andrew telling me to wake up repeatedly. I’m not sure what he was saying, but I heard “it’s time to wake up” repeatedly. My mother wishes she’d had his skills when I was in high school. I was wide awake. There was no rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, it was “I’m up and let’s boogie” awake. I had been in bed for 1.5 hours.

Three hours later, I was pretty ticked off. Mainly at myself. Partially at the effectiveness of the wake-up command on my handy dandy app. I finally dozed off at 5:30 a.m. only for my husband to wake me up an hour later to start my day.

Thankfully, I work from home, and I decided it was important that I test the effectiveness of sleeping till noon after a sleepless night due to my misuse of self-hypnois apps. (Someone has to do the research.) Turns out that’s not a fix either. When you finally wake up, you’re cranky because you’ve missed your entire day (at least it feels that way) and have a couple of hours to accomplish something, ANYTHING, before the kids get out of school.

What’s the moral of this story? Before using your self-hypnosis apps, make sure it’s set to sleep at the end of it, or you risk messing with your sleep cycle and are off kilter all week.