Small Blessings — 2/7/13

Today is the day for small blessings. Most of us would be in bed, or have their heads buried in a bottle of wine by now. However, I’m taking time to give thanks for the day.

Here’s how my day started:

Woke up perky. Kid off to school. Coffee sipped. Kid calls. Drive to take kid his gym bag for P.E.

This is where things go downhill.

Trip over feet. You’d think after years of dance classes I’d have some grace. Fall. Break front tooth. Look around to make sure no one saw me face plant at middle school.

Drop off gym bag. Go to car. Call dentist. Call husband Drive to dentist immediately. Blubber all office staff.

X-rays. Waiting. More waiting. Dentist comes in. Things look good and tooth can be fixed easily and quickly.

There is where the small blessings start to appear.

There is a cyst in my gums, below the sinus cavity. I have to see an oral surgeon. My aunt had one years ago and after hearing from my dentist, and then her, that if it were to get infected I’d have “bone crushing pain,” thank the stars the surgeon can see me in two weeks.

What are the small blessings in breaking a tooth? Without having done it, I wouldn’t know about the cyst and I wouldn’t have been reminded to not rush through my day.

It’s better to take time, smell the roses and save your teeth.

  • JasmineBrown

    Things do tend to work out. I am thankful for you today.

  • Brigid

    Oy. You have a great perspective on an otherwise kind of rotten day. Hope you heal quickly on all accounts.

  • Kristen White

    Isn’t is funny how things work out sometimes. I am going to take your much needed at this time advice and slow down some!

  • Ann

    So, so true. I was prepared to comment with utter sympathy for your tragic day…then realized the beauty of it all. (Please forgive my inappropriate conversational use of the ellipsis.)

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