Snazzy Holiday Evites: Kate Spade and Paperless Post

Paperless Post launched in 2009 to show that digital communication could be just as personal, and well-designed, as paper communication. They’ve not failed to disappoint. Their latest collaboration with design powerhouse, Kate Spade, has created a line of snazzy holiday evites that are whimsical and leave your inbox wanting more.

When I’m creating an evite for an event, Paperless Post is my first stop, and being the fan-girl I am, navigate to the Kate Spade section first. I’ve shared a sample of a few of my favorites evites below. I particularly love Rudolph balancing cocktails on his antlers for a festive holiday party and the sweater wearing Dachshunds to invite friends caroling. The personal design aesthetic of both companies means there is always something for everyone.

kate spade paperless post holiday evites

Head over to Paperless Post’s Kate Spade NY Invitations and let me know which ones are your favorite. I have some evites to send out!


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