The London Influence, Mary Quant and See by Chloé Pre-Fall 2013

While I’m a plus-size gal, that doesn’t change the fact that I pull ideas from the designer lines to influence how I dress. Later this year, I’ll be pulling ideas from the See by Chloé pre-fall 2013 line. I’m a cross between an anglophile and francophile (not sure how that happened!) and these laid-back ,romantic Parisian, sixties London designs makes my heart sing.

I imagine seeing Mary Quant’s young, hip Chelsea boutique Bazaar, with the fashionable London teens hitting the streets, shunning the French establishment of design. This youth culture was populated with young baby boomer artists, show business people, free thinkers and other colorful Chelsea-ites. It was a place for everyone.

These young people were rejecting class and wealth, which would continue into the punk years of the 70’s and 80’s London, but they were also rejection the notion of fashion as style.

So, as it’s coming full circle, away from the PVC fabric and into finer fabrics and 21st century craftsmanship, we see the French influenced by the Chelsea set from so long ago. Softer in material, cut and tone, but no less edgy, feminine and boyish all at the same time. I love the tones pulled by the Indian summer colors, and can hear Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias in proclaiming her wedding colors were blush and bashful. However, this blush is nothing like Shelby had draping the church back in Natchitoches, Lousiana.

I’ve pulled some of my favorite looks to share below. What do you think of the new See by Chloé? Are these colors you see yourself pulling into your wardrobe later this summer?

chloe see pre fall 2013

see by chloe pre fall 2013

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  • NicTrades

    Beautiful!!! Indian summer into Fall

  • Lisa

    Right? I love them. So gorgeous!