Welcome Home, My Precious or What Happens When You Spill Coffee in Your MacBook

I did what is quite possibly the  most horrifying thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. Spilled coffee into my MacBook Pro.

Are you cringing?

After flipping it over, drying it off, and cleaning up the keyboard, everything was working just fine. Until later that day, when the glue had dissolved, causing the keyboard keys to fuse and  short out.

mac mouse and keyboard

Cue the monster panic attack.

Monster is actually an understatement. According to my husband, I was one step away from epic-meltdown. Let me put it to you this way, when I was a little girl, when I’d get mad, I’d hold my breath until I passed out. (That really explains a lot.) Well, I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me and I was going to pass out.

Fortunately, the Apple Genius Bar had an appointment early the next morning and the nice fellow let me know I hadn’t ruined my Mac, nor was it going to cost an arm and leg to fix. Mind you, it wasn’t a cheap fix, but it was much cheaper than having to replace it.

Most people consider using a Mac is a hipster, elitest thing. Mine use breaks down to pure functionality. The Mac is easier on my wrists than traditional mousing. Much easier. And is this business where being kind to my wrists an fingers are extremely important, I have to do what I can to protect them.

Now that it’s back, securely covered in a keyboard condom, I’m a happy, happy gal. Welcome home, my precious. Momma missed you.