What’s Your Secret?

Everyone has a secret. I have mine. You have yours. We all have them. They’re like lovers — kept close and intimate, only revealed when it’s serious, if ever at all. Last night, I had dinner with Frank Warren from PostSecret. You know, the art project/website where you mail an anonymous postcard with your secret on it. And he gave me a challenge. A challenge you say? Yes, a challenge.

He wants you to tell me your secret. It doesn’t have to be your deepest, darkest secret, but has to be secret you’re holding on to.Here’s the deal though, I have to tell you a secret. I have quite a few secrets and there are some I never want told, which is a problem. So, I’m sitting here, slightly nauseated, thinking about spilling my guts. Do I tell those secrets we take to the grave, here in a public forum, or do I share a secret that isn’t quite so deep.

“I’m afraid I’ll never be a success.”

That’s it. I have this horrible fear I’ll sit here, ensconced in laziness, apathy, what have you, and never achieve my full potential. There are many days I feel as if I’m wasting this life I was given. And it sucks.

There. That’s my secret. I’m still not sure how I feel about writing it and making it so damn public. But I did. Now, it’s your turn.

What’s your secret?

Tell me below in the comments. You can be very public and confess. Or it can be like going to confessional and completely anonymous. Just type in a false name and an email addy. I won’t see the email address, nor will anyone else. If you’re a Disqus user, you’ll have to log out if you want anonymity.

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  • http://www.home-ec101.com/ Heather Solos

    I often feel like I’m faking everything I attempt.

  • JuliaRoberts1

    I’m afraid to send out my completed book proposal for fear of rejection!

  • PottyMouth

    Oooh Secrets huh? I didn’t think bloggers had those? :)
    I swear too much. There.
    Whew. I said it.

  • http://www.adailypinch.com/ Lisa

    You’re not alone, Heather.

  • http://www.adailypinch.com/ Lisa

    I’ve not started mine for the very same reason!

  • http://www.adailypinch.com/ Lisa

    I’m a nice Mommy with a dirty mouth. Ooops. :)

  • Anne Parris

    I worry I’ve totally messed up as a parent.