YesVideo and Clark W. Griswold: A Late-Night Lightbulb Moment

They say your best ideas come in the middle of the night and for me, that is definitely true. I was thinking about my trip to San Jose tomorrow to visit YesVideo and really about their company and the company mission. (There are nights my brain goes into over time…. pretty much every night.)

If YesVideo had been around when Clark W. Griswold was partaking in his Christmas Vacation shenanigans, things would have been much different for him in the attic. Sure, he’d have dressed up in the fur stole and chic 1950’s hair wrap, but when he was done patching his house from his temporary loss of sanity, he’d have shipped his videos to YesVideo immediately.

Bringing memories back to life is what YesVideo does best. It’s the company motto. In the video, you see Clark watching the movies he’s lovingly looked at and held, while the song playing in the background is about the Christmas feeling and watching the ones we love. The look on his face is what I imagine everyone who receives their videos from YesVideo has.  It’s love and pure joy, punctuated with tears and wide-eyed amazement.

Clark W. Griswold is the ultimate family man. Not only would he bring his memories back to life, I’m sure he’d take a trip to YesVideo as an educational trip to show his kids how it’s done. Or help. (I’d bar the doors, YesVideo.)

How do you feel when you’re revisiting your old home movies?